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Text Analysis International Inc has a need for consulting assistance in NLP.
Contact information at our website, textanalysis dot com.

We primarily use VisualText for development. NLP++ programming language, Conceptual Grammar knowledge base management system (KBMS). Fluency in multiple languages a plus. Fluency in English a plus. Background in NLP, Computational Linguistics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Computer Science or related experience required.

TAIParse general English analyzer used on many projects, can be downloaded from our website, used within VisualText.

Nice looking site, looking for more traction here as Text Analytics market continues to grow.

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TAIParse (Apps|Natural_Language_Processing|natural_language_processing): General English analyzer, bundled with VisualText (link to below)

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VisualText (Products|products): Integrated development environment (IDE) for NLP. NLP++ language & Conceptual Grammar KBMS compile to C++.


Amnon Meyers
Text Analysis International, Inc.
amnon dot meyers at textanalysis com
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Alias-i, the makers of the LingPipe suite of NLP tools, is hiring
developers to work on:

- Natural language processing API development
- Natural language processing application development
- Enterprise architecture design and integration
- User interface design and coding

We expect that it would take two full time positions or part-time
equivalents to cover what we need. More details below:

API development:

We need a machine learning savvy Java API developer to help extend our
"source released" LingPipe suite of tools. While we focus on language
processing, generic machine learning/statistical methods skills are
fine since the directions we want to go are not language processing

Natural language processing application development:

We need one full time position (or part-time equivalents) devoted to
our Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the
U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Our goal is a topic- and
entity-faceted search engine making heavy use of query refinement and
topic discovery, and suited to queries derived from high throughput
lab experiments. We are collaborating with researchers at the Harvard
University Medical School, who have real biology problems to solve.

Enterprise architecture design and integration:

We are increasingly called upon to deliver web applications with
LingPipe. We need an experienced architect/developer to design
scalable enterprise application friendly implementations of spell
checking, sentiment, named entity extraction etc.

User interface design and development:

Our NIH work involves developing usable web interfaces for biomedical
researchers. This includes design, usability testing and coding
(although that could be subcontracted).

We're located in a sunny loft office in Brooklyn, New York, just
across the East River from downtown Manhattan, and convenient to
public transportation. We are not considering full-time

If you're interested, please send us an electronic copy of your
resume, a cover note briefly explaining how your skills and interests
match our requirements, and a description of your visa status for
working in the United States.

No headhunters, please.

The start date is as soon as possible. The position will remain open
until filled.

Contact: Breck Baldwin
E-mail: moc.i-saila|sboj#moc.i-saila|sboj

Positions at Alias-i/LingPipe by BreckBreck, 11 Jan 2008 00:14

We have three open positions for three-year postdoc positions on an exciting text mining project at Macquarie University in Sydney.

The project is funded by the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre, which recently received a renewal of its funding from the Australian Government. The aim of the project is to build a sophisticated platform for exhaustive extraction from large text collections.

Closing date for applications is JANUARY 21ST 2008. Applications must be made online via the Macquarie University website at, where you can also find out more about the positions: search for position 19478 via the 'Positions Vacant' link.

Informal enquiries can be made to Robert Dale at ua.ude.qm.sci|eladr#ua.ude.qm.sci|eladr.

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